Bread of Life on the Coronavirus

Until the Coronavirus passes, we will have a shortened service on Sundays. We ask that you sit at a distance if possible. Currently, Sunday Bible study is postponed.

・If you are not in good physical condition, please refrain from participating in the service.

・Please wear a mask inside the church.

・Please use hand disinfectant at the church entrance.

・On Sundays there will be no meals served. Also, please avoid eating food in the church.

・We conduct online services from 3:30pm for brothers and sisters who are unable to participate in the service.(

・We conduct online service at 6pm by Zoom.

The Governor of Tokyo is expected to increase the Coronavirus alert, so please refrain from going out as much as possible. It is a time of change, but I pray that each one of us will be kept safe in God’s defense. God is in control !