Our church has Sunday worship (Japanese, Korean and English), Wednesday and Saturday Bible study sessions, and weekday early morning prayer meetings.

Sunday service

10:30~11:30 Korean & Japanese service (in person)

11:30~12:30 Kids Service

13:30~14:30 Bible Study Group

13:30~14:30 Korean Class

14:30~15:30 Language Class

 English/Chinese/Spanish/Japanese class

15:30~16:30 English/Japanese service (in person & online)

Meeting ID: 865 217 359

BCS (Bread of Life Church School)

16:00~17:00 Kids English Program

17:00~18:00 Kids Art Program

Bible Study Meeting

Wednesday 20:00~21:00(English:Zoom)

Meeting ID:382 492 1727

Friday 15:30~16:30(English in church)

Saturday 11:00~12:00(Japanese in church)

Morning Prayer Service

Tuesday~Friday 6:00~7:00 Japanese/Korean

We look forward to seeing you !